Getting Started

Health Insurance
We accept most insurance plans at our office. However, your insurance coverage is specific to you. At your first visit, we will make a photocopy of your insurance card(s). You may be asked to pay a portion of your bill that day and a copay is expected at the time of service for each visit. We do bill the insurance companies as a favor to our patients. If your insurance company pays for a service that you have already paid for, we will keep a credit on your file or if you prefer, we will reimburse you. Please provide us with your most current insurance card at each visit and promptly notify us of any changes in order to streamline the billing process.

Patient Records
If you need a copy of your records sent to another physician please provide a written request with your contact information and date of birth, the physician’s office it is to be sent to, and sign and date it. If you would like to pick up a copy yourself, please fax or bring in a written request with the same information and state if you will be picking them up or if they need to be faxed or mailed to you. There is a $10 fee for office supplies and labor. It may take 5-7 days for the records to be available.

Step 1: Call Our Office

For new patients, the first step in scheduling an appointment is to call our office. We will work with you to find an appointment day and time that fits your schedule. Our administrative staff will also answer questions you have about new patient forms at this time.

We can now respond to appointment requests made through our online “Secure Patient Portal” once you have created an online account.
Just click on the link to the “Secure Patient Portal” to set this up.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Forms

Filling out a new patient form and the medical information disclosure form is the second step you will need to take.

If you prefer, you can save time at check-in by filling this information out online through our “Secure Patient Portal” prior to your visit.
Click on the link to get started!

Step 3: Meet your Doctor

After you have scheduled an appointment and filled out the information online, all you have to do is bring in your insurance card 10-15 minutes before your appointment time.

If you cannot make your appointment PLEASE call to notify us so that we can utilize that time to see another patient.

Remember, we may need a urine specimen before you are seen, so plan accordingly.

Step 4: Follow Up

After your visit, if you have any billing or insurance inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our office manager; Mary Howell, has extensive experience and can provide friendly advise.

You can ask our expert staff non-emergent questions through the online patient portal, as well. It may take 24-48 hours to receive a response. Please call for any urgent needs.

You may obtain your PAP results from the LabCorp link on this page two weeks after your appointment. If your PAP is not processed by LabCorp, we will call you with the results.

We will contact you by phone if there are any abnormalities.

Normal results may also be accessed online through our “Secure Patient Portal” once an account has been established by you. We will notify your email when these results are available.

Step 5: Future Visits

After your initial visit, you will be advised as to when your next appointment or follow-up should be. In general, we recommend annual exams for preventative health care. Of course, you may also come see us if you develop a symptom you would like to have checked out.
You will be advised regarding referrals to other doctors, services, mammograms, or bloodwork needed at the completion of your appointment.

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